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The Aratas train up to 4 hours a day 5-6 days which involves 2 hours a day of bodybuilding to help their bodies counter the centrifugal forces that the act inflicts,  then 2 hours of skating everyday which enables the Aratas to perform with confidence as the platform  is on a stage elevated over the audience at the V theater,  through this strict training  regime Vittorio and Jenny are able to perform over 500 live shows a year.  

In the very beginning Vittorio’s mother decided to teach this Acrobatic Skating Act on a podium no more then 1,80 meters wide (6ft) the size of a kitchen dining table.  Vittorio has toured the globe headlining at some of the most prestigious productions in the Entertainment industry

Vittorio was the winner of the Hit Talent show on Englands number 1 channel: BBC, the show was the first TV talent show for youg and aspiring entertainers:  “When will I be Famous?”   Hosted by British comedian “Graham Norton”   The Aratas won this show when Vittorio was only 17 years old, this launched the beginning of numerous European and World tours as part of world renowned Live Show companies.  The Aratas have also been invited as International variety act stars to perform on “Russia’s got Talent”,  “the Worlds Greatest Cabaret” in Paris, “The Ellen Degeneres Show” “NBC’s I can do that” “The Kris Jenner Celebrity Talk Show” “WGN Entertainment Midday Hit”  And many many more.   

Victor and Jenny Arata billed as “The Skating Aratas” will have you on the edge of your seat with their death defying Rollerskating stunts.  You may have already seen them in Las Vegas or as guest stars on The Ellen Degeneres Show! Ellen said  “Oh my God, That's Amazing!”  they have toured the Globe wowing audiences internationally with this jaw dropping act, and now they have been invited as guest stars on the NBC new hit show “I Can Do That!”

Performing for over a decade  Wowing! Audiences all over the Globe Roller SKATING Acrobatics you have to see, to believe ABOUT US THE HISTORY HOW WE DO THIS Shows/awards
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