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Roller SKATING Acrobatics you have to see, to believe

The Ellen show said:

“This roller-skating couple performed some of the most dangerous stunts we've seen on the show! They never need to worry about keeping the excitement in their marriage.”

The Ellen Degeneres show  performance Our Gallery

       Our most memorable T.V Performances

The Kris Jenner show said:

“Your about to witness one of the most incredible acrobatic  skating routines in the world!  The skating Aratas”

The Kris Jenner Show Memories that last a lifetime

Patrick Sebastian is one of Frances biggest stars,  his most famous show is called “Grand Cabaret Du Monde” meaning “The worlds greatest Cabaret”  The Aratas were invited to perform an act specifically for “Cabaret”  based on the famous movie “The Pink Panther”  enjoy!

Patrick Sebastian Paris TV5 “ “Grand Cabaret Du Monde” The Vegas Minute clip

Asked to participate in The Vegas Minute

Giving the public a view into what we do and the great show we are apart of in Las Vegas baby!!

I Can Do that!! NBC new hit show
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